Guillem Muñoz Entrepreneur & Software Engineer

About me

I am the Co-Founder of Hedyla and a software engineer focused on AI. I got my Bachelor's Degree in Network Engineering at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya while collaborating with multiple research departments. My passion is found at the intersection between computer science and maths, aiming to apply data processing techniques and machine learning models to industry.


Others: SQL, C#, Android


Others: Flask, OpenAI Gym


Others: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Docker

Some of my personal projects


DRL Drone

Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithms implementation for autonomous UAVs

Research project development of the newest DRL algorithms applied to autonomous navigation. All the work was based on achieving efficient training and testing of models using industry libraries such as Keras, Tensorflow and OpenAI Gym inside a realistic environment in the AirSim simulator. Most of the research and enhancements were done in the field of Convolutional Neural Networks architectures for reinforcement learning. All the code was written in Python.

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A technology ranking platform

Opinalia stands for a decentralized platform for everyone to review technology products online. It contains a sophisticated search engine and methods for classifying rankings based on user's reviews. The back-end was built using Node.js and Express.js with MongoDB as the de facto database. Angular 2 was used for the front-end web and the mobile application was developed using Ionic. The whole project versions were assembled and deployed using Docker.

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